What does car china sheet metal mean?

What does the china sheet metal of the car

Automobile china sheet metals refer to the metal china sheet metal of the automotive parts. Some of these china sheet metals will simply cause car parts after stamping, and some will not only cause car parts after stamping, but also cause car parts after welding, paint, and machine processing.

When disassembling the problem, the searches are clean, whether the lock screw is disassembled, and whether the mold is damaged due to adhesion. When assembled and disassembled, rinse the head and disassembling plate, add lubricating oil to the guide column and the jumping head guide rail. After stabilizing, press it with both hands and repeat several times. The protection of continuous molds must be held step by step and cannot be carried out blindly. When repairing the mold, it should be attached to the material belt to facilitate the question. Open the mold, take care of the belt, search for the mold environment, confirm the fault, find out the problem, and then clear the mold before the mold. The stress should be proportioned when disassembling the mold. Regarding the removal spring is between the fixed board and the removal board. The decofing spring simply topped the mold layout on the inner guide column. The removal board must be removed to ensure that the removal board pops up on average. The break of the middle punch.

There are many varieties of stainless steel stampings metals, so the selection of stamping materials has weird specifications. The selection of stamping materials generally includes the following three specifications:

First, the selected material must meet the functional requirements of car parts, otherwise it does not make sense. Because these china sheet metals will ultimately become a car parts and use it on the car, the quality requirements are very harsh;

The second is that the selected china sheet metals must have a good process function, because this can better process it better Materials, produce good quality parts;

Third, the selected materials must have good economic applicability. If the cost of material is too high, it will affect the cost of automobile parts and it is difficult to sell.


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